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Michael Allan mike at
Sun Sep 30 20:41:11 EDT 2012

Welcome back Alex,

Unfortunately we're not in beta yet, so a video would be expensive to
maintain.  We'd have to re-make it frequently.  And then we're not
actually looking for users at the moment - though we're open to any
who happen by, and are interested in helping out.  :-)

So I guess you were looking at this diff page, which Conseo posted?

One way to begin is to click on the "My draft" link (top right).  That
would give you a position draft, not unlike your other drafts here:

I'm currently coding usability fixes.  So if you run into any problems
or have further suggestions, please let me know.


Alex Rollin said:
> I'd welcome a video of how to do that.  I clicked around and couldn't
> figure out where to edit.
> Alex

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