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I'd welcome a video of how to do that.  I clicked around and couldn't
figure out where to edit.


On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 10:23 AM, Michael Allan <mike at> wrote:

> conseo said:
> > I found the claims about leadership unnecessarily bold ...
> Myself, I'll probably remove those claims once the page is staged.
> I'll also remove the "Inventions" and "Prototypes" links.  Meantime
> I'm hanging tight, waiting to see the look.  Or should I edit now?
> But this is one of those issues on which each of us could take action
> independently if he wished, even as we continue to seek consensus.
> You could publish your own version of the home page for instance.  You
> might keep a branch repo for this purpose, and could even stage the
> page on your production trunk of the code.
> You don't have to actually do this, of course, but I think it's neat
> that you *could*.  It shows (just one more way) how far the tools and
> technology are decentered - as ofc they must be.  Maybe this is where
> we differ most from other projects then; we know what lengths we must
> go in order to reach real people and we're not content with gestures
> or simulations in that direction.
> Mike
> conseo said:
> > Hey Mike,
> >
> > I found the claims about leadership unnecessarily bold and tried to open
> the
> > perspective on our applications as well as the consensual universal
> aspect
> > while keeping your practical emphasis on public voting infrastructure as
> well
> > as adding the grassroots economical aspect (making clear that we
> implement
> > practical hands-on technology already and not something depending on the
> > official political institutions or processes).
> >
> > We don't know whether cooperatives or protest groups (or some crazy
> hackers)
> > somewhere have found a better invention in the field (some solutions
> seem to
> > be very local). Our competitors also might prove to be innovative.
> Anyway I
> > see little substance in formulating the claim itself in this important
> text
> > snippet, people can directly see the inventions below the introduction
> and I
> > think they speak for themselves (esp. once staged) in this very sense.
>  For
> > the concept of our software, which needs to be used to prove the
> benefits of
> > the inventions (outreach, ovn, harvesting diff-urls), I would stress the
> > practical applications for each individual user/voter.
> > I could imagine adding a sentence or two to the introduction about the
> > openness of OVN as a reflection and production on the consensual and
> > emancipative approach we take. The 'non-exclusive' references that
> already.
> > This might be too much though.
> > Besides these textual changes it might be nice to add footnotes to the
> > implicitly mentioned inventions in the introduction to give a quick
> jumping
> > point to make the connection to the actual code clearer.
> >
> > Thomas what do you think?
> >
> > c
> >
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