Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Mon Nov 5 04:11:59 EST 2012

On Mon, 05 Nov 2012 7:12, Michael Allan wrote:
> We were mooting an idea tonight (Conseo and I). Imagine if Metagov 
> became a kind of staging ground for different software. The user would 
> choose the brand and it would run for him/her in the wiki, mailing 
> list, and so forth. New users would get random software. What do you 
> think? 

I like it. But what choice would the user have atm? I think Votorola is 
the only software which integrates so easily with wikis etc, isn't it? 
Ofc, we could offer other projects our collaboration (as we already do 
all the time) in that, that they could use these tracks and connect them 
to their software. Is this the plan? The tracks would then be actually 
part of the OVN instead of Votorola and the different softwares behind 
the tracks would have to exchange votes etc., right?

>> PS: and I find the "+"-symbol for the unspecified polls is tosmall,
>> i.e.  hardly to recognizethat it is selected.
> This gave me some trouble at first.  It's confusing and inconsistent
> if it's too big and bright when you mouse over.  Eventually I realized
> that it only needs brightening when it's selected and staged.

It is better now, I think, but I still find it to small and hard to see, 
if it is selected. What is inconsistent about making it the same size as 
the orange "+"?

>> One possible bug: once on a position page, if I scroll down, the
>> vote-track stays on the screen. I believe, before it's background did
>> also stay, now it's moving up, making the track harder to read. Do I
>> remember right?
> Whoops.  Fixed.

Now it has two backgrounds, one moving down (which is good) and the 
other staying on top, which I think before was not the case and I liked 
it more before, I think.

> I can do more if it's needed.

Well, if it was Chrismas and I could have wishs, then:

I'd like the magnifiing glass to disappear on the right side of the 
poll-track, where there are no more polls atm.

And in vote-space, if I expand the tree a lot and have to scroll the 
screen to the left and right, I'd like all the tracks stay stable at the 
top and not move.

Then I think, it would be good, if I mouse over the vote-track, to have 
the same behaviour as if I mouse over the poll-track, i.e. a little 
window with the name of the voter attached to the mouse-pointer. In this 
track probably better below the mouse-pointer. You suggested this imo, 
when we spoke last. The only disadvantage here is on a position page, if 
I scroll down, this window would cover some of the position, but I think 
it is worth the consistency in usage.

But this is all low priority I guess.

Here in votespace there is some bug; if you mouse over the vote-track, 
the users highlighted in the tree are wrong ones: 


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