Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Mon Nov 5 01:12:45 EST 2012

Thomas von der Elbe said:
> Wow, what an elegant solution! :-)
> I was afraid, it would look like the "broken monitor" again ... lol.
> But this looks really appealing! I like it very much!
My mockups. :-) Conseo and I were afraid of those too, so we decided
to keep it plain and simple till we figured out what to do.  But I had
more time to experiment (polltrack is 10X easier than talk track,
harvesters, etc), and eventually I hit on the idea of magnification.

> And I was doubting it's usefullness at this stage too (besides staging 
> the homepage), but it indeed does make navigation quite abit more 
> convinientand animates me (the user) to play around and look around.

We were mooting an idea tonight (Conseo and I).  Imagine if Metagov
became a kind of staging ground for different software.  The user
would choose the brand and it would run for him/her in the wiki,
mailing list, and so forth.  New users would get random software.
What do you think?

> Well, it seems graphically and functionally more is possible, than I 
> thought it was.
> One possible bug: once on a position page, if I scroll down, the 
> vote-track stays on the screen. I believe, before it's background did 
> also stay, now it's moving up, making the track harder to read. Do I 
> remember right?

Whoops.  Fixed.

> And another thing: if I go to my position pageand it does not exist yet, 
> the vote-track disappears. E.g. 
> http://zelea.com/w/User:ThomasvonderElbe_GmxDe/Tor/p/w19c

(replied separately)

> PS: and I find the "+"-symbol for the unspecified polls is tosmall,
> i.e.  hardly to recognizethat it is selected.

This gave me some trouble at first.  It's confusing and inconsistent
if it's too big and bright when you mouse over.  Eventually I realized
that it only needs brightening when it's selected and staged.

  http://zelea.com/w/Wiki:Main_page    (hit refresh)

I can do more if it's needed.


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