Cluttered position pages and other wiki problems

Michael Allan mike at
Wed Dec 19 04:02:38 EST 2012

I guess we agreed on Saturday to approach this by posing it as a
specific problem instead of a solution.  Maybe the problem is creating
a position draft when you're a newcomer and unfamilar with MediaWiki.
(Our original solution for that was to automate it.  It's maybe the
last unfinished item for the mini-beta.  We'd put it on hold because
it didn't seem the highest priority at the time, since we weren't
asking anyone to create drafts, and it's maybe 12 days work.)

Whatever the problem, and if G/p/c is the top priority, then should we
try to squeeze it in here somewhere?


Thomas von der Elbe said:
> Ok, I must admit, it is much better, cleaner and clearer now already!
> But I would still like to go further.
> * The discussion-tab is misleading imo, because it is *not* the place, 
> where you are supposed to discuss this position. I'd like to get rid of 
> it completely, and then the word "User page" could also go.
> * The headline could be clearer. Instead of 
> "User:Frank-FlippityNet/Sys/p/sandbox" it could say something like " 
> Position of Frank-FlippityNet in Poll Sys/p/sandbox"
> * "Navigation" could be gone, because it is already happening in the 
> poll-track. "last changes" and "search" could go to the "tools". And if 
> all the tools could be hidden in a drop down menu, this would be best.
> My 2 cents,
> What do you think?
> Thomas

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