Cluttered position pages and other wiki problems

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at
Thu Dec 13 05:17:25 EST 2012

Ok, I must admit, it is much better, cleaner and clearer now already!

But I would still like to go further.

* The discussion-tab is misleading imo, because it is *not* the place, 
where you are supposed to discuss this position. I'd like to get rid of 
it completely, and then the word "User page" could also go.

* The headline could be clearer. Instead of 
"User:Frank-FlippityNet/Sys/p/sandbox" it could say something like " 
Position of Frank-FlippityNet in Poll Sys/p/sandbox"

* "Navigation" could be gone, because it is already happening in the 
poll-track. "last changes" and "search" could go to the "tools". And if 
all the tools could be hidden in a drop down menu, this would be best.

My 2 cents,

What do you think?


On Wed, 12 Dec 2012 3:51, Michael Allan wrote:
> In our voice meeting on Monday, Thomas relayed feedback that the draft
> pages are too complex.  I did some simpification today:
>    * Changed the default skin to Vector, which is cleaner
>    * Subdued the colour of the personal links (top right)
>    * Removed redundant personal links (talk page, contributions)
>    * Removed position summary (top of draft)
>    * Reduced number of sidebar categories (left) from 4 to 3
>    * Replaced search box with a plain search link (left)
> These changes were fairly easy and didn't remove anything that would
> offend an experienced wiki editor.  How does it look?
> Two other wiki problems to be aware of: The fact box often vanishes.
> To get it back, use Refresh in the drop menu.  It's an upstream bug:
> The Watch command in the drop menu fails.  The upstream fix hasn't
> reached us yet:

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