Cluttered position pages and other wiki problems

Michael Allan mike at
Tue Dec 11 21:51:32 EST 2012

In our voice meeting on Monday, Thomas relayed feedback that the draft
pages are too complex.  I did some simpification today:

  * Changed the default skin to Vector, which is cleaner
  * Subdued the colour of the personal links (top right)
  * Removed redundant personal links (talk page, contributions)
  * Removed position summary (top of draft)
  * Reduced number of sidebar categories (left) from 4 to 3
  * Replaced search box with a plain search link (left)

These changes were fairly easy and didn't remove anything that would
offend an experienced wiki editor.  How does it look?

Two other wiki problems to be aware of: The fact box often vanishes.
To get it back, use Refresh in the drop menu.  It's an upstream bug:

The Watch command in the drop menu fails.  The upstream fix hasn't
reached us yet:

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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