what is your project about?

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sun Sep 18 22:32:14 EDT 2011

Alex Glaros wrote:
> Is your software open source?

Yes, MIT licence.

> I do need some sort of voting software but not as sophisticated as
> yours.
> Regarding my project, citizens and vendors submit ideas to government,
> and government votes on the ideas’ value and if they want to pursue
> them or not.
> http://www.gov-ideas.com/citizen-suggestion-database.htm.  The
> flowchart at the bottom summarizes the whole idea.

Votorola's place would be at the top of the flowchart where it says
"Citizen's suggestions to Government".  Generally speaking, we allow
individuals to make suggestions and to address them to just about
anyone, including to each other.

> I’m also trying to figure out a way to create a what-if process.  That
> is, if enough government organizations decide they want to
> collectively purchase a shared software system, then they can
> determine if they can afford it.  In other words, they want to ask
> their external government partners “what if we all pitched in to
> purchase this software as a group? Are there enough of us?”
> Do you have anything like that, that my organization could use?  We
> are nonprofit and have no budget to purchase a commercial product.

We have something under development, but again it's geared to the
individual user as opposed to government agents.  So the user is not
restricted to making suggestions, but may also pledge some of the
resources that are needed to act on those suggestions.  The resources
might include money, of course.

> Your project looks pretty cool.  Good luck with it.  I found it on
> the http://xml.gov/stratml/index.htm#Glaros site next to my project.

Thank you.  I'm happy to see that Owen Ambur's StratML is doing its
job!  (cc Owen)

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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