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Wed Sep 14 04:37:22 EDT 2011


I give you a quick client side feed update.

My code is now running in v on zelea.com (Mike's main instance) (1). As you 
might have noticed there is now a toolbar with two icons in it on the left 
side. I have decided to cover these two links, one to open the original post 
which opens the external discussion medium of the hightlighted message in the 
feed and a link to the discussed difference, which points to the difference 
What do you think? Should they be moved elsewhere or embedded in the feed in a 
smart way? We have chosen the current setup to be obvious (the icons mark 
links) and to be fixed, so you can quickly find the necessary operation. We 
also only need two small placeholders for all listed posts instead of linking 
from each of them. But it might be non-obvious that they are related to the 
selected feed item. Maybe some highlighting on item changes would help...

I have shrinked the icons a bit to 16px square size btw. Does that fit your 
browsing experience?


(1) see for example our yet infamous prize: 
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