Resources view in difference bridge

Michael Allan mike at
Tue Sep 13 09:40:48 EDT 2011

A skeletal resources view was added to the difference bridge.  This is
a structural change intended to clear the way for new functionality to
be added in future.
   (may need to hit refresh)

The resources view is the black header at top.  The main purpose of
the resources view is to provide context for the discussions that
happening between drafters.  Drafters will embed difference URLs (like
above) in the forums where they discuss their differences, and new
users who follow those URLs will land on the difference bridge.  The
first thing they'll see is the resources view at the top, and the most
prominent components in that view will be the resource tracks (grey
area) whose job it is to provide a quick indication of the overall
goal of the drafing/discussion effort, and a measure of the current
progress toward it.  (We have no resource tracks yet, but C is looking
at developing the first of them.)

A secondary purpose of the resources view is navigation.  The current
facilities for this are limited to the XF link at top right.  It takes
you to the votespace map in Crossforum Theatre, which opens up on the
positions of the two drafters.  A similar resources view sits at the
top of the theatre page.

Some of the config changes for this may have broken your setup, C.
See the latest mods here:

Michael Allan

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