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Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at
Mon Oct 17 12:36:18 EDT 2011

Wow Conseo, thats beautiful!

> 3.ns.xht shows a node selection. Now the TrackStack shows up. Heads-Up
> information is also shown.

Wouldn't it make sense, to also highlight Dm. in yellow here? This 
relates to your question below too.

> 3.ns.m1.xht Hovering over the TrackStack changes the heads-up-display and
> highlights the relevant information in Votespace. It also changes the visual in the centre.

I find this perfect.

> I have moved the avatar/visuals in the "collective eye" in the centre. I have had them in the top left corner of the heads-up display before. What do you think?

I like, how this way the individual gets the place he/she deserves: the 
Is there anything else, which would be equally important to put there? I 
never pictured it like this before, but I think this is best!

> What should happen when you click the yellow segment? If we select the node
> like in Votespace then we duplicate the functionality and lose the left-click.

Connected to this question is also: does the current track change if you 
click D3. in votespace? It would make sense somehow, right? Because now 
only the immidiate voters of Dm. are shown in the track, arn't they? If 
we also would show the indirect voters, the track would get to cluttered 
at some point. But then: if the scale of the track stays the same it 
makes no sense, but what other scale could we take? Make it a full 100%? 
That would be ok, if its always only the end-candidate who determines 
the necesarry goal, right? But is he?


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