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I have remodelled all your suggestions in combination with Votespace to see 
how much information we can show in combination.
First of all I want to thank Mike, Thomas, Alex, my sister and Tanja G. for 
the ideas and feedback so far. You will find some of your ideas in the new 
mockups. If it isn't in there (yet) it doesn't mean it was a bad idea, I just 
have to focus to keep the Ui flexible to new concepts. The history view is 
also only suspended for now.

3.xht (1) shows Votespace and no TrackStack, because there is no target for 
the poll itself. We might want to show sth. different if there is no 
Votespace, but atm. we can assume that embedded views on alien sites will 
select the node and browsing the vote tree happens then in Crossforum (a new 
browser window).

3.ns.xht shows a node selection. Now the TrackStack shows up. Heads-Up 
information is also shown. 

3.ns.m1.xht Hovering over the TrackStack changes the heads-up-display and 
highlights the relevant information in Votespace. It also changes the visual 
in the centre.

I have moved the avatar/visuals in the "collective eye" in the centre. I have 
had them in the top left corner of the heads-up display before. What do you 

What should happen when you click the yellow segment? If we select the node 
like in Votespace then we duplicate the functionality and lose the left-click. 
I think we should start to unfold further TrackStack information from here. 
But how?


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