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Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sun May 29 04:26:24 EDT 2011

Thomas emphasizes that we're engaged in an experimental prototype.  So
one button installers aren't the thing to develop; not till after the
experiment is over and we've learned what needs installing and what
doesn't.  But Alex also points to a problem:

Alexander Praetorius wrote:
> ... We always complain about the lack of active communities that use
> metagov tools.  We need those communities to move forward. ...

It is true that we depend on communities, though only of a particular
kind: namely the inter-communicative ones.  We have an absolute
dependency on those.  (We never complained about a lack of them,
however, because we never supposed we were ready.)

> ... If someone from a community with maybe 30 members, maybe all
> countrymen with only very basic computer skills, will come to this
> mailing list and asks for a solution. Maybe all of them have a
> similar specialization in farming and they are spread across the
> country, so they cannot meet face to face all the time. Maybe they
> tried to use a mailing list, but they stuck because discussions
> became confusing after some time. Maybe they all are affected by a
> new kind of law. What would you tell him?

I would suggest that he join us in consensus making until he has
gained an understanding of the practices.  Without that, he cannot
hope to apply them in another community.  I recommend the same to you
Alex, because there is no substitute for knowing hands.

But we don't get many visitors like that and we shouldn't expect many
in the near future.  Active communities aren't likely to fall into our
hands - we gotta go out and get 'em.  So this is what we - C and
Thomas agree, at least tentatively - are working on.  (Wybo might
agree too if we had time to explain.  The world already has many
"critical masses" of communities.  All we need do is hitch a ride on
their collective coat tails.)

As mentioned, I'll start by formalizing communities as pages in the
pollwiki.  So we'll at least put the objective in our "sights".

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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