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Mon May 2 07:33:54 EDT 2011

Hi Armando,
welcome to the list.

It would be great to collaborate.

Personally I am working for the University of Coimbra on eParticipation and
eDecision Making.

I come from Italy, and don't speak Portuguese, so naturally in a globalized
society I ended up making applications for the internet and apply them for
Italian communities or english speaking communities. But it would be great
to apply in Portugal directly what we are doing.

Of course our is only one of the project in this mailing list, so you might
find other projects that fit you better.

Best Regards,


Dr. Pietro Speroni di Fenizio,
CISUC, Department of Informatics Engineering, University of Coimbra

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Pietro Speroni di Fenizio
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On 2 May 2011 13:22, Armando Vieira <armando.vieira at sairmais.com> wrote:

> Hi
> As a new member on the forum, I would like to say that I was very satisfied
> to seem all these projects coming along. I think they really show the need
> to a deep change in
> the way the representative democracy works and to empower citizens.
> In Portugal this need is even more evident, particularly on this moment:
> citizens are desperate about the way the country was ruled by bad
> politicians and they don't see any change in alternative political parties.
> So we are in a deadlock and people are eager to see alternatives for the
> political system.
> I think we have conditions to push forward a and implement a project on
> e-democracy - for instance, Portugal is on top of e-government policies in
> Europe (lots of burocracy can be treated online).
> Of course we can't make the transition in one step and the constitution
> will block a lot of the ideas being discussed here.
> Our plan is to start on a local level. We have the opportunity to share
> these ideas with 2 or 3 mayors in Portuguese cities that we know to be
> receptive.
> We are aware of some projects of participatory budget (
> http://participatedb.com/projects ) but we want to go beyond that.
> We would like to work on 3 levels:
> I - a collaborative framework to discuss the strategy of growth of the city
> II - a tool to help citizens to created directives (kind of municipal laws)
> to be submitted to the elected board - is Votorola ready to roll?
> III -  a tool to help "educated" citizens, to show them the implications of
> decisions and complexities of some laws.
> What I like to ask this forum
> 1) what open source tools are ready to be implemented on such a project
> 2) what suggestions do you have concerning our approach
> Armando
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