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Armando Vieira armando.vieira at sairmais.com
Mon May 2 07:22:11 EDT 2011


As a new member on the forum, I would like to say that I was very 
satisfied to seem all these projects coming along. I think they really 
show the need to a deep change in
the way the representative democracy works and to empower citizens.

In Portugal this need is even more evident, particularly on this moment: 
citizens are desperate about the way the country was ruled by bad 
politicians and they don't see any change in alternative political 
parties. So we are in a deadlock and people are eager to see 
alternatives for the political system.

I think we have conditions to push forward a and implement a project on 
e-democracy - for instance, Portugal is on top of e-government policies 
in Europe (lots of burocracy can be treated online).
Of course we can't make the transition in one step and the constitution 
will block a lot of the ideas being discussed here.

Our plan is to start on a local level. We have the opportunity to share 
these ideas with 2 or 3 mayors in Portuguese cities that we know to be 
We are aware of some projects of participatory budget ( 
http://participatedb.com/projects ) but we want to go beyond that.

We would like to work on 3 levels:
I - a collaborative framework to discuss the strategy of growth of the city
II - a tool to help citizens to created directives (kind of municipal 
laws) to be submitted to the elected board - is Votorola ready to roll?
III -  a tool to help "educated" citizens, to show them the implications 
of decisions and complexities of some laws.

What I like to ask this forum
1) what open source tools are ready to be implemented on such a project
2) what suggestions do you have concerning our approach


Armando Vieira, PhD
skype asv133 Mobile: +351-916732463.

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