[MG] Clearing entry paths for new users

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sat Mar 5 07:13:27 EST 2011

Footings in the wiki are now linked to the bridge:

  (hit refresh)

The perma-link for that (from the bridge) is:

If a bridge symbol happens to be red, it means a difference segment
couldn't be highlighted.  For example:
Usually that means a bug.  (Though in this case, the bug is actually
in the draft.)

Things still to do:

  * Show who the diff is against, e.g. name the candidate, as Thomas
    pointed out.

  * Remove the "diff vs. my draft" link at top right.

Otherwise, this is roughly the final shape of the footings in the
wiki.  Please point out any problems you see.

Thomas wrote:
> ... And a possiblilty to switch between them or to switch off the
> highlights alltogether...

Why an off switch Thomas?  It could complicate the UI, and I'm
wondering if it's worth it.

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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