Can our party pick your brain?

Michael Allan mike at
Mon Mar 14 18:19:50 EDT 2011

This all sounds do-able, Thomas.  Some comments/questions below:

Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
> - Discussion-Medium: setup a discussion forum at the partys homepage. 
> This could be used for new members to exchange ideas etc. But more 
> importantly it could be used to discuss specific differences in 
> positions regarding party principles or party policies. This type of 
> forum would ideally allow to structure tons of threads in a 
> tree-structure (maybe every forum allows this, I dont know). So every 
> policy-issue could have its own thread and every voter in this issue can 
> have his own sub-thread and maybe even sub-sub-threads for certain parts 
> of his position. There can be thousands of threads in the future.

These are the biggest Web forums:
There's probably a good selection of forum software there, showing
what features are available.

> - Drafting-Medium: I guess for the beginning we can use the zelea-wiki 
> for drafting. Should I setup a seperate area for the party? Which then 
> would have seperate sub-areas, like Canada, Toronto, ...? Doesnt make so 
> much sense, does it? Better to use the whole wiki for the party and 
> later filter out non-members, imo.

You mean vote filtering?  For party issues (party's own area in the
pollwiki) we can easily whatever filtering is necessary on the common
vote-server (V1).  For other issues, we'd need a dedicated vote-server
for the party (V2).  It could be set up as a count-only engine that
accepted no original votes, just autocast images.  It would share the
same pollwiki (PW) with the other vote-servers.

         /  \
        /    \
       V1--> V2

Everybody would vote at V1.  Party members would view the
party-filtered results at V2.  That's the simplest set up for custom
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