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Armando Vieira armando.vieira at sairmais.com
Sat Jun 4 13:27:13 EDT 2011

Dear all,

As Matteo already mentioned, I'm engaging a group of volunteers to help 
to help Votorola project on several aspects.
As you probably know, several youth groups, mainly in Spain, have been 
demanding a more effective democracy and popular participation in 
decision making.

This is a great opportunity to put forward this project.
My idea will be to start discussing a few documents about political 
strategy and draft some laws to be submitted to the parliament (we can 
do this as long as we gather 5 000 signatures).

However, I think the platform (apart from the necessary translation to 
portuguese / spanish) is too complicated to use - namely is has many 
features that may be skipped in first stage. What I like to ask is the 
- what do you think is the best way to put the platform in place? 
Translating and Install it on a new domain and removing some features?
Never work in these kind of projects, so sorry for this question


Armando Vieira, PhD
skype asv133 Mobile: +351-916732463.

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