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Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sun Jun 5 17:19:46 EDT 2011

Hi Armando,

Armando Vieira wrote:
> As Matteo already mentioned, I'm engaging a group of volunteers to
> help to help Votorola project on several aspects.  As you probably
> know, several youth groups, mainly in Spain, have been demanding a
> more effective democracy and popular participation in decision
> making.
> This is a great opportunity to put forward this project.  My idea
> will be to start discussing a few documents about political strategy
> and draft some laws to be submitted to the parliament (we can do
> this as long as we gather 5 000 signatures).

I guess the participants would:

 1. Talk, draft and vote till they have a consensus of 5,000, or so
 2. Sign the consensus draft as a petition
 3. Submit the petition

Is that correct?
> However, I think the platform (apart from the necessary translation to 
> portuguese / spanish) is too complicated to use - namely is has many 
> features that may be skipped in first stage. What I like to ask is the 
> following
> - what do you think is the best way to put the platform in place? ...

Currently we have only an alpha prototype.  To develop it into a beta
for this application, we'd need to work closely with a small number of
alpha users.  We'd need at least 2 more than we have now.  They'd be
surfacing problems and participating in the design of solutions.

 * Skills - tolerance, imagination, communication
 * Workload - maybe 1-2 hours a day on average

> ... Translating and Install it on a new domain and removing some
> features?

Hosting of the beta deployment shouldn't be a problem.  The admins
would have time to decide on that.  Do you have deadlines?  Or what
are your expectations timewise?

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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