Centralizing (1a)

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Fri Mar 19 14:43:07 EDT 2010

Very cool!


- once navigated from the vote-space to the pollserver overview, you 
cant go back to the old vote-space. It forgets, where you came from.

- does the ranking only show candidates with more then 1 vote and leaves 
the rest out?
Because many are not shown. Very cool, to click on a voter in the list, 
and then see him in the vote-tree too!

- just to mention: the poll-service-page does not contain any 
information, which is not already in the vote-page (at least right now)

- if one navigates from an opened tree in the vote-space to the 
poll-service-page and back, the tree is collapsed. would it maybe be 
good to have it still open? Also the selected user is not selected anymore.

- sometimes (very seldom) the graphics of the navigation tool is 
distorted (see screenshot) (not important!)

I'd like to talk about the geographical navigation with you. I dont 
really understand "Area, Scheme, District". Why not have: Global - 
International - Country - State - City/Region - Riding - Ward? Under 
each could be a list of all the polls in this area. Wouldnt this cover 
all possible polls?


Michael Allan schrieb:
> Hey Thomas,
> Here's the first swing of the hammer.  This is all on the server side.
> It moves us a step closer to being a multi-area facility (not just
> Toronto).  It also takes a stab at fixing some of the navigation
> problems:
>   http://u.zelea.com:8080/v/w/
>   http://t.zelea.com:8080/v/w/  (old server is here)
> You may have to hit refresh on some of the pages, in order to clear
> away the old styles and scripts.  It's all still rough and ugly.  The
> district pages (Area/Scheme/District) will soon be moved out to the
> wiki (as hinted in the nav map).  Let me know if you see any
> showstopper bugs.
> I'll take a swing at the wiki next,
> Mike
> Tasks remaining for step 1 (core voting stuff):
>   a) Centralize
>      Allow multiple areas (cities, states) per pollserver.
>      Move area and district configuration out to the pollwiki (PW),
>      where the users can take charge of it.  http://u.zelea.com/wiki
>        (PW)
>         |          PW  pollwiki (common)
>         |          PS  pollserver (Votorola)
>         |
>        (PS)
>   b) Support unlimited polls
>      Move poll configuration out to the wiki.
>      Support an unlimited number of polls.  Allow for ad hoc
>      construction, where the poll is created by the first vote.
>   c) Prototype the difference engine
>      Code a bare-bones difference engine.  Explore and develop the
>      interface with discussion media.
>   d) Code the verification facilities
>      Allow for independent verification of poll results.

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