Centralizing (1a)

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sun Mar 21 03:49:27 EDT 2010

Thanks for testing it Thomas (it's awfully messy).

> - once navigated from the vote-space to the pollserver overview, you 
> cant go back to the old vote-space. It forgets, where you came from.

This is fixed now.

> - does the ranking only show candidates with more then 1 vote and leaves 
> the rest out?
> Because many are not shown...

Here's a guy with only 1 vote:
You were probably only looking at the first page.  There's a clumsy
pager at bottom right.

> - just to mention: the poll-service-page does not contain any 
> information, which is not already in the vote-page (at least right now)

I know, it looks funny (pollserver page, too).  But there'll
soon be stuff in there (config views, controls, what not).

> - if one navigates from an opened tree in the vote-space to the 
> poll-service-page and back, the tree is collapsed. would it maybe be 
> good to have it still open? Also the selected user is not selected anymore.

It should be OK, now.

> - sometimes (very seldom) the graphics of the navigation tool is 
> distorted (see screenshot) (not important!)


That strange line at bottom right of the nav map?  How did you do
that?  :-)  I can't reproduce it.

I think it's unrelated, but there was too much underlining of links
going on (when enabled by default in the browser).  I cleared away
most of it.

> I'd like to talk about the geographical navigation with you. I dont 
> really understand "Area, Scheme, District". Why not have: Global - 
> International - Country - State - City/Region - Riding - Ward? Under 
> each could be a list of all the polls in this area. Wouldnt this cover 
> all possible polls?

I'm making more changes related to this...
More soon,
Mike Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

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