Where next?

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I wonder, thinking in text:

   1.  Is the code as simple as can be?
   2. Are the major component areas well documented as to purposes,
   3. Could someone now, then, re-write votorola in another language based
   on the documentation?
   4. Is there a way to standardize or document the information that goes in
   and out of the front end, which, in the current case, is a wiki?  (I do
   5. Are there plans to allow for other authorization schemes like Oauth
   and OpenID?

On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 2:47 PM, Michael Allan <mike at zelea.com> wrote:

> (thinking aloud) I see two ways forward for Votorola:
>  (1) Reaching out
>  (2) Bringing together
> The first way entails going into existing communities and wiring them
> up with our tools.  We're unique in being able to do this, because we
> have the difference bridge.  Our immediate problem is to find suitable
> communities (low hanging fruit) to reach out to.  Here's an open
> thread that asks, "What communities are reachable?"
>  http://groups.dowire.org/r/topic/QOOL3YKTF1LxBK62GmOEJ
> The second way (often pursued by Thomas) entails bringing multiple
> e-democracy projects together under a single umbrella organization (or
> association), and holding them there on the strength of the tools.
> Again, we're uniquely qualified for this because of the open
> architecture we've built up (in which Votorola is just another plug-in
> component).  But (again) the immediate problem is to find suitable
> candidates: either a) a second technical project to associate with; or
> b) an existing organization to serve as an umbrella.  Since April,
> we've been making a trial run at (b), with Ed Pastore's Metagovernment
> as the prospective organization.  Here are the latest threads:
> http://metagovernment.org/pipermail/start_metagovernment.org/2010-June/thread.html#2910
>  see Kind of presentable (sort of), and
>      Is Main Page unapproachable?
> What other ways are there?  Or are these two good enough?  They'd both
> give the tools a good workout (crucial at this stage).
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