Votorola and the World of Gooie Interfaces

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Sat Aug 7 19:56:00 EDT 2010

I'm with you.You're right. Please don't worry about the gooie stuff. It will
probably take me years to master the gooie programming stuff for linux/unix.


On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 6:44 PM, Michael Allan <mike at> wrote:

> I'm thinking we need a few active users before tackling usability
> problems.  Otherwise we'll be working blind.  (Ofc, if we hit an
> absolute showstopper along the way, then we'll stop and fix it.)
> For outreach, (speaking for myself) I don't plan to promote Votorola
> in any top down fashion.  Rather than backroom planning and guesswork,
> I hope the initial cadre of users can use the tools to do all of the
> outreach themselves *from the front lines* - e.g. through discussion
> refits.  Then *they* can talk to the developers and other specialized
> experts working blind, behind the lines, and lead them forward.
> So the same pattern of action as envisioned for political issues also
> unfolds for the technical ones: it's not the managers and experts
> behind the scenes who lead, but rather the people most affected by the
> decisions, who have to live with the consequences over the long term.
> (This is why I think we should avoid getting entangled with
> businesses, governments and other organizations, at least in the early
> stages - not to say you were suggesting that.)
> At least this is my own thinking,
> sorry for the long speech :-)
> --
> Michael Allan
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> JAnne Davies wrote:
> > Gooie Interfaces and VOTOROLA
> >
> > Given the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, as well as the
> > prevalence of interactive online news media it seems clear that so
> > called `gooies`are popular. The more commercial versions of Linux also
> > attests to this. Hence Votorola online voting architecture could be,
> > at least in some instances or contexts, enhanced - in terms of out
> > reach capabilities - by the addition of ``gooie`` interfaces.
> >
> > JAnne Davies

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