Votorola and the World of Gooie Interfaces

Michael Allan mike at
Sun Aug 8 07:25:44 EDT 2010

(Sorry JAnne, I was off on a tangent, chasing a different problem!)
You're right, Votorola will need lots of GUI work.  It's still only a
prototype, so there's huge room for improvement in the UI.

You just helped me to see something new.  I think this is interesting.
It has to do with our Babble discussion on participatory democracy:

  a) On the technical side, we practitioners are always discussing
     *solutions* - project X is developing this, project Y is
     developing that.  We're always promoting our solutions and
     arguing over them (all of us).  But nobody ever says, "We were
     doing a little bit of participatory democracy over there, and we
     ran into this *problem*..."

  b) Meanwhile, on the political side, we grassroots tend to
     participate only by discussing the *problems* - the government
     did this, a corporation did that, and this or that is wrong.
     Almost never do we discuss the possible *solutions*.

What we're proposing in Babble (actually *do* participatory democracy
in a small way) seems to be the key.  What's interesting now, is to
see the "lock" that it fits.

BTW - Should we call the key "guerrilla gardening"?

More soon,

Anne Moreland wrote:
> I'm with you.You're right. Please don't worry about the gooie
> stuff. It will probably take me years to master the gooie
> programming stuff for linux/unix.

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