Votorola and the World of Gooie Interfaces

Michael Allan mike at
Sat Aug 7 19:44:05 EDT 2010

I'm thinking we need a few active users before tackling usability
problems.  Otherwise we'll be working blind.  (Ofc, if we hit an
absolute showstopper along the way, then we'll stop and fix it.)

For outreach, (speaking for myself) I don't plan to promote Votorola
in any top down fashion.  Rather than backroom planning and guesswork,
I hope the initial cadre of users can use the tools to do all of the
outreach themselves *from the front lines* - e.g. through discussion
refits.  Then *they* can talk to the developers and other specialized
experts working blind, behind the lines, and lead them forward.

So the same pattern of action as envisioned for political issues also
unfolds for the technical ones: it's not the managers and experts
behind the scenes who lead, but rather the people most affected by the
decisions, who have to live with the consequences over the long term.
(This is why I think we should avoid getting entangled with
businesses, governments and other organizations, at least in the early
stages - not to say you were suggesting that.)

At least this is my own thinking,
sorry for the long speech :-)
Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

JAnne Davies wrote:
> Gooie Interfaces and VOTOROLA
> Given the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, as well as the
> prevalence of interactive online news media it seems clear that so
> called `gooies`are popular. The more commercial versions of Linux also
> attests to this. Hence Votorola online voting architecture could be,
> at least in some instances or contexts, enhanced - in terms of out
> reach capabilities - by the addition of ``gooie`` interfaces.
> JAnne Davies

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