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Very clever.

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> Hello again, You have reached the 100 true fans marker and now it is on to
> the 200 hundred level. That's great! So I would like to become a true fan
> (previous-email said member...must have been confusing) at 25.00 US a month.
> Money order will be made out to Open Source Ecology and sent next Friday and
> every month thereafter.
> Marcin, I need to offer this clarification...the experimenal farm idea I
> mentioned in a prior email in no way is intended to contravene your
> brilliant project plans towards building the world's first replicable
> village!  I love the Open Farm Tech project! We will not be able to build
> a village in fact...too too many by-laws!!!!! Actually, I suspect that what
> we are going to end up with something like a community stand alone farm,
> with very few buildings on it.
> In the meantime I am gradually working on illustrating a series of
> paradigms of community based farms for example: monastic farms, campsite
> farms, palliative care farms and so on based on actual models.Here are links
> to sites which are perhaps indicative of the "state of the art" in Canada:
> and
> In order to further your project here in Canada it might be a positive move
> forward if we -whoever we are- staged a grass roots event in Regina SK and
> or in Saskatoon focusing on aspects of Open Farm Tech as praxis....and doing
> some fundraising at the same time, Saskatchewan is the "agricultural capital
> of Canada" and there are a lot organic farms and  forward thinking people
> here!
> Please don't be alarmed with me I am very respectful of your project and
> will not be a loose cannon running around initiating project forks
> appendaged to the Open Farm Tech Agenda!!!!! In otherwords, I won't be
> acting independently of the groups approval re: events or fundraising
> ventures etc etc.

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