(coco-d) Architecture for communicative and communicable democracy

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sat Aug 14 13:55:01 EDT 2010

I feel more confident about the architecture now that we have this
cross-forum technique (guerilla gardening, or whatever).  It no longer
feels like we're in a race.  The only urgency now is maybe to document
everything.  I can probably start on that (it's going to take a
while).  I'll try to make it:

  * Collaborative - in the wiki

  * Domain neutral - so it's easy for cross-domain folks like Alex to
    mesh with

  * Rigorous - so we can base academic papers on it

  * Accessible - maybe with summaries for non-experts

  * Public domain - so it can easily be copied into online

Is there anything else I should consider?  Is the title OK?

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

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