(coco-d) Architecture for communicative and communicable democracy

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sun Aug 15 11:18:53 EDT 2010

Anne Moreland wrote:
> Mike, You have given me some friendly advice before. Please let me
> give you some now. Before you make any major paradigm shifts PLEASE
> check out -meaning join- the vitalizing democracy project, and
> examine the approx 300 participatory projects online there.

Thanks JAnne,

We shouldn't see any paradigm shifts from the documentation effort.
I'll just document what we've already prototyped.

Those projects are all government sponsored.  I'd be interested if any
are participatory in the sense of C. W. Mills' point 3 (allowing for
action against "the prevailing system of authority", where necessary):
That's unheard of for a government sponsored project.  But if any of
them do meet that criterion, then we might be able to work with them.
(Otherwise, we could only work in opposition to them.)


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