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Michael Allan mike at
Sat Aug 14 13:46:14 EDT 2010

Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
> Yes, to show a thread, where Votorola is actually being used
> explains more than a thousand words.  How about this:

On Thursday, I was walking in the savannah on Hawk Hill, in High Park.
I'd never been there before.  I saw a massive oak with branches about
seventy feet across.  The lower ones hung near to the ground and were
full of acorns.  I was thinking of JAnne's "gnome-like creatures".
All we'd need is three or four of them, and we could grow our own
participatory democracy.  (That's what our gardening method says,

Now I'm thinking it's inevitable.  It must grow in *roughly* that
manner.  If we take any single issue of substantial scope, then the
overall discussion is going to span a large number of forums that cut
across multiple media.  (There's no way around that, is there?  We
can't reasonably expect to corral everyone into a single forum.)  The
only way for it to scale, therefore, is through the efforts of
individual participants who move between forums and formally
*interlink* them by vote flow and text flow.  Those individuals,
whether consciously or not, will be fulfilling the role of the

So maybe this is one of the "open doors" we were looking for?
Visitors to Votorola's home page could be ushered into a kind of
viewing place that shows the current activities of the gardening
crews.  Those crews will be busy, in turn, trying to attract new
participants exactly where the growth is most needed.  See the fit?
The "open door" serves interests on both sides.  (Even before any
gardeners are actually working, that in itself could be a kind of open
door.  Anyone could assemble the first small crew, and do the
pioneering work.)

Michael Allan

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