Thomas ThomasvonderElbe at
Wed Aug 19 11:51:07 EDT 2009

Hello Fred,

LOL  -  :-)

Here in my case I have one button saying (in german though) "Reply"
and another one saying "Reply to Author". Maybe you accidently pressed
the wrong one?

Yes, you are right, the problem of spamming or nonsense-input needs to
be looked at.

I think, if the spam is within one poll, it´s no problem for Votorola.
Because in the poll-browser it will just be a bunch of delegates with
very few or no voters, which will be at the end of the list (in each
column) and pretty much out of sight because the list is sorted by

But it´s different when the spammer creates a seperat "spam-poll".
Because the list of
polls has no sorting or filtering by votes.

Ideally we would have a technical solution, where no staff would be

A filter by votes would be good, but would filter out serious polls in
it´s beginning-phase.
Sorting by votes would be better.

Maybe if users could tag certain polls with the tag "spam" and filter
them by tags would solve it. One could then imagine "tag-wars", where
opponents tag a certain poll as "spam" to make it invisible. A
possible solution for this would be a mechanism, where a minimum
number X of users can overrule every future "spam-tagging" by tagging
it "no spam". (The assumption behind it would be, that spammers can
not convince more than X real people to help them.)


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