koikaze fredgohlke at
Wed Aug 19 11:09:20 EDT 2009

Good Morning, David

Thank you, very much, for the explanation.

I used the REPLY under your post to post my response to you.  The
system said my post was successful.  In my (very, very limited)
experience with this kind of list, that has meant the reply will be
posted on the list.  I've only (consciously) posted on one other list
and that's the way that one worked, so, posting in my pure 'ignorance
is bliss' mode, I blithely assumed the same would happen here.

I dislike having my deathless prose eaten by machines, so when I post
this message, I will try to find out why I'm not getting it right.

Please excuse my incompetence.

Fred Gohlke

(It appears the messages are now present in the list.  I know I'm old,
and my vision ain't what it used to be, but, Sheeeesh, I didn't know
I'd deteriorated that much.  Sorry, folks.  flg)

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