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Wed Aug 19 17:04:15 EDT 2009

Good Afternoon, Thomas

re: "Maybe you accidentally pressed the wrong one?"

You could be right.

I know I made a mistake once ... I think it was on a Tuesday.

With regard to the Joe Doaks problem, I'm in a peculiar position.  On
the one hand, I want Votorola to succeed, but, on the other, I have no
faith in machine-based solutions.  To make matters worse, I'm
uncomfortable in an environment where unknown entities can 'update' my
computer with neither my permission nor my knowledge.

I don't understand the technical aspects of Votorola, but I'm anxious
to see a change in our political infrastructure.  I mentioned Joe
because I think he'll be the kind of problem that will require human
intervention.  Even so, I hope the remedies you have in mind are

Your idea of having "a minimum number X of users can overrule every
future "spam-tagging" by tagging
it 'no spam' might have merit, but we'd have to assume users will
constantly monitor the system.  I'm not sure they will, unless issues
are dynamic, such that the kernel of an issue is proposed and it is
then massaged until it reaches maturity.  That would create a
community of interest, but will still be subject to inappropriate

(There I go again!  Let's wait.  We can cross this bridge when we get
to it.  You folks are totally competent and you see the threats as
well or better than I do.)

Fred Gohlke

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