Ping from London

Michael Allan mike at
Fri Mar 13 06:24:10 EDT 2015

Thanks for inviting me, David.  Unfortunately I can't spare the time.
I'm tied up with development work and (speaking for myself) probably
can't use a federated wiki.  I no longer use a wiki for text storage,
just a plain revision control system.


David Bovill said:
> Hi Allen - good to here from you.
> I'm wandering if you would like to join in a creative writing excersise on
> the subject of democracy and decision making. I'd like very much to work
> with your theory text here
> I'd like to break down this text into smaller recombinant texts, and engage
> in a constitutional style debate using Smallest Federated Wiki (SFW). I
> think the ideas baked into SFW are conceptually very close and related to
> Liquid Democracy, and communicative ascent.
> My suggestion is that we get a few people together and involve ourselves in
> a "creative writing sprint" - or democracy happening, where each of us has
> our own writing space and authorship, but all the content is Free Culture
> licensed with drag-and-drop remixing of ideas.
> Time wise, I see this as a series of 6 synchronous gatherings of 1 hour
> each - say once a week, and in between each person commits to a few hours
> creative writing and research.

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