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Hi Allen - good to here from you.

I'm wandering if you would like to join in a creative writing excersise on
the subject of democracy and decision making. I'd like very much to work
with your theory text here

I'd like to break down this text into smaller recombinant texts, and engage
in a constitutional style debate using Smallest Federated Wiki (SFW). I
think the ideas baked into SFW are conceptually very close and related to
Liquid Democracy, and communicative ascent.

My suggestion is that we get a few people together and involve ourselves in
a "creative writing sprint" - or democracy happening, where each of us has
our own writing space and authorship, but all the content is Free Culture
licensed with drag-and-drop remixing of ideas.

Time wise, I see this as a series of 6 synchronous gatherings of 1 hour
each - say once a week, and in between each person commits to a few hours
creative writing and research.

On 12 March 2015 at 13:45, Michael Allan <mike at> wrote:

> Hi David (Hi Alex), hope all's well.
> Some of us still hang around here.  But nobody works on Votorola
> anymore.  That's why it's gone quiet.
> I'm working on a successor project (after a brief retirement, as Alex
> mentions).  But it isn't ready to present, so I haven't announced it.
> Mike
> David Bovill said:
> > Hi guys - is anyone here or has my line gone quiet and you've moved over
> to
> > another space?
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