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Sun Aug 18 00:26:46 EDT 2013

Dear folks, (apologies for cross posting)

I'm seeking potential collaborators to help move a small project
forward.  This would be for technically inclined thinkers or do-ers
with a little spare time to volunteer.  Please forward to anyone you
think might be interested.  My contact details are at bottom.

The following description is abstracted from a larger design sketch:

   A public mirror is a device that enables an open, topical community
   (a public) to formalize the definitive bounds of its own communica-
   tions, and therein the image of itself.  It works by revealing the
   topical discussion as a whole.  The revealing image is formed at
   the mirror front as a timely sequence of references (links) each
   pointing to a communication of the public, such that all links
   together define the total of that public's communications in time
   and space.

       reveals the
     whole discussion
           /\                          on a single topic
          /  \                              /
         /    \                            /
      Ago     Place      Thread           /
     -------  ---------  ----------------/---------------------
     17 min   r/Foo      Who are these Foos, anyway?
      5 hr    Foo-L      The problem with so and so's proposal.
      1 day   FuBarz     What's the best thingamy for such and such?
      1 day   r/Foo      This, that, and the next thing.
      2 days  FooForum   How do we attach the doohickey?
     -------  -----\---  --------------------------------------
        V           \                         (click to visit)
                     \                                    \
                  cuts across                              \
                   all media                            affords entry
                                                       to the discussion

     [MF]  Concept sketch of a mirror front.

   The mirror front is similar in form to a conventional news feed.
   It aggregates a timely sequence of disclosures concerning a
   specific topic or topical category.  The differences are in a) the
   exclusion of mass communications from the sequence, b) the claim to
   totality, and c) the self-determination that redeems that claim.
   (a) A principle criterion for the inclusion of a boundary link in
   the sequence is that one may immediately join the linked communica-
   tion and reply in kind as a peer.  The link is always actually to
   an *inter*-communication, a thread of discussion, and always among
   peers; unidirectional or asymmetric exchanges such as mass
   communications are excluded.

   (b) The image formed at the mirror front is asserted to cover the
   entire public discussion of the topic across all communication
   media and sites.  It claims to be the most complete, accurate and
   up-to-date outline of the extended discourse that is available

   (c) This claim is redeemed by the public members themselves who
   continually submit the boundary links, self-organize the necessary
   labour, and self-constitute the necessary government.  No aspect of
   this redeeming self-determination is controlled by an external

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