Single login for pollwiki and vote-server

Michael Allan mike at
Sun Sep 16 06:41:46 EDT 2012

Thomas von der Elbe said:
> Wow, a 3 or 4 year old dream of mine comes true! Finally! Beautiful!
> This makes things so much easier for new users!

In the end, it wasn't as hard to code as I'd feared.  The MediaWiki
API saved us a lot of trouble.

> Only one bug it seems: if I log out from the pollserver, go to the wiki 
> (via the link-track), login there and then go back to the pollserver 
> (via the link-track) ... it tells me, I'm still logged out, but if I 
> refresh the page, I'm logged in.

This seems to be fixed now.  Please clear your cache before testing
(Shift-Ctrl-Delete and select "Cache").

Your new translations are running, too.  Looks good!


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