[DW-X] Post-Doc: Geodeliberation: Enabling Democratic Decision-Making in Local Communities Through Place-Based Deliberative Dialogues

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Tue Sep 4 12:10:02 EDT 2012

I dug into it looking for signs of the technology.  I couldn't find
the full grant proposal, only the abstract.  It's short on specifics:

Carroll has no recent publications specific to geodeliberation.  He
was involved in the development of CIVIL (2009), an emergency
management system: http://www.personal.psu.edu/auw133/212n-wu.pdf
More on Carroll: http://ist.psu.edu/directory/jmc56

Cai's most recent publication (2009) is about attaching notes to maps.
Spatial Annotation Technology for Public Deliberation:
More on Cai: http://ist.psu.edu/directory/gxc26

Cai heads a lab, but the website is full of broken links:

It's unclear what they'll be working on.

Michael Allan

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Steven Clift said:
> Looks quite interesting ... info on the grant below too. - Steve  P.S.
> I wonder how they plan to study the inclusive use of these tools by
> diverse communities. It doesn't help us much if those who already show
> up in person in planning processes are the ones who these tools are
> designed to keep attracted versus reaching into diverse
> constituencies.

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