Vote track positioning

conseo 4consensus at
Sat Nov 17 07:40:21 EST 2012

Hey Mike,

> I agree with Conseo that the position of the track could be improved,
> but with Thomas about the advantages of the current position and the
> priority of work.  The priority now is to get more contributors.  It
> makes no sense to delay that.
The priority is ok for me, though I don't think closing the gap to the top 
chrome would be very difficult (is it?).

> The vote track hangs lower on the draft page as we add more tracks.
> Although I like the current docking behaviour, the intuitive way it
> parts from and rejoins the stage, it needn't hang quite so low.  1-2
> cm from the top (or user preference) would be enough.  So it would
> part from the stage and stick to the screen only at that distance
> instead of immediately as now.  That would be ideal, wouldn't it?
Why? We waste vertical screen space to show that it is not the only top 
element? Then we still could make the gap to the top chrome half transparent 
to make the scrolling less confusing imo. But at least I understand now why 
you both think it is more consistent to leave the gap.

> But this isn't keeping new contributors away.  And if a new developer
> were to join the project, then he might volunteer to do this work.

Or I will fix it, if it annoys me too much :-P Would be nice if somebody else 
would join.


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