(BUG) Null LightableDifference.personName and release of talk track

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Wed Nov 14 12:59:44 EST 2012


your suggestion makes a lot of sense, Conseo, but I must say, I kind of 
like the behaivior of the vote track.

It is somehow unexpected to have this thing hanging there when you 
scroll down. And I imagine, this gives a new user something to think. It 
somehow tells him to use it, to try it out. Whereas, if it would snap to 
the top it would be easy to overlook.

Maybe we should wait for your suggestion until we have many users and 
the whole thing is rollingalready. What do you think?


On Wed, 14 Nov 2012 18:35, conseo wrote:
> Hey,
> I think I will find some to fix the update-button on the week-end or next
> week. I am ok with waiting for my fix and points 1. and 2..
> Mike, can you also make the VoteTrack snap to the top of the page on draft
> pages, when you scroll downwards, and settle in the stage again, when we
> scroll to the top?
> conseo
> Am Mittwoch, 14. November 2012, 07:35:22 schrieb Michael Allan:
>> Hey guys,
>> This is now fixed in my bug1 repo.  I was waiting on two other fixes
>> before pulling to the trunk and releasing it (along with the talk
>> track) to the ref server:
>>    1. Stable kick button in talk track:
>>       http://mail.zelea.com/list/votorola/2012-November/001501.html
>>    2. Moving talk track up, so vote track is on bottom.  I think
>>       the tracks should be ordered like this, if you agree:
>>         ^^ (X) ][ Q                                 P D D ][    (link)
>>         --------------------------------                        (poll)
>>                            ---------------------------------    (talk)
>>         >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> --- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> --- >>>>>    (vote)
>>       I think the vote track is happier on bottom because otherwise it
>>       rides over top of other tracks in drafts, its pin indicator gets
>>       in their way, and (on bridge) the anchor line doesn't connect:
>> http://zelea.com/project/votorola/_/javadoc/votorola/s/gwt/wic/AnchorLine.h
>> tml But it looks better with the poll track above talk track (still) because
>> the eye wants to travel from top left to bottom right.
>> Are you guys okay with these changes (when C gets time)?  Or should I
>> release it as is?
>> Mike
>> Michael Allan said:
>>> Thomas von der Elbe said:
>>>> There must be some bug in there, because when I refresh your
>>>> position page firefox gives me a strange feedback (1).  And when a
>>>> message is pinned and I want to pin a voterof yours inthe vote-track
>>>> another strange feedback (2).
>>> Both cases look to be the same as this bug: (at 19:23)
>>> http://zelea.com/var/cache/irc/votorola/12-11/09
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