Metagov as a technical staging ground

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Tue Nov 6 03:36:06 EST 2012

On Tue, 06 Nov 2012 0:38, Michael Allan wrote:

Ok, sounds good!

> What do you guys think? Should we ask Metagov?



>> On Mon, 05 Nov 2012 7:12, Michael Allan wrote:
>>> We were mooting an idea tonight (Conseo and I). Imagine if Metagov
>>> became a kind of staging ground for different software. The user would
>>> choose the brand and it would run for him/her in the wiki, mailing
>>> list, and so forth. New users would get random software. What do you
>>> think?
>> I like it. But what choice would the user have atm? I think Votorola is
>> the only software which integrates so easily with wikis etc, isn't it?
>> Ofc, we could offer other projects our collaboration (as we already do
>> all the time) in that, that they could use these tracks and connect them
>> to their software. Is this the plan? The tracks would then be actually
>> part of the OVN instead of Votorola and the different softwares behind
>> the tracks would have to exchange votes etc., right?
>>>> PS: and I find the "+"-symbol for the unspecified polls is tosmall,
>>>> i.e.  hardly to recognizethat it is selected.
>>> This gave me some trouble at first.  It's confusing and inconsistent
>>> if it's too big and bright when you mouse over.  Eventually I realized
>>> that it only needs brightening when it's selected and staged.
>> It is better now, I think, but I still find it to small and hard to see,
>> if it is selected. What is inconsistent about making it the same size as
>> the orange "+"?
>>>> One possible bug: once on a position page, if I scroll down, the
>>>> vote-track stays on the screen. I believe, before it's background did
>>>> also stay, now it's moving up, making the track harder to read. Do I
>>>> remember right?
>>> Whoops.  Fixed.
>> Now it has two backgrounds, one moving down (which is good) and the
>> other staying on top, which I think before was not the case and I liked
>> it more before, I think.
>>> I can do more if it's needed.
>> Well, if it was Chrismas and I could have wishs, then:
>> I'd like the magnifiing glass to disappear on the right side of the
>> poll-track, where there are no more polls atm.
>> And in vote-space, if I expand the tree a lot and have to scroll the
>> screen to the left and right, I'd like all the tracks stay stable at the
>> top and not move.
>> Then I think, it would be good, if I mouse over the vote-track, to have
>> the same behaviour as if I mouse over the poll-track, i.e. a little
>> window with the name of the voter attached to the mouse-pointer. In this
>> track probably better below the mouse-pointer. You suggested this imo,
>> when we spoke last. The only disadvantage here is on a position page, if
>> I scroll down, this window would cover some of the position, but I think
>> it is worth the consistency in usage.
>> But this is all low priority I guess.
>> Here in votespace there is some bug; if you mouse over the vote-track,
>> the users highlighted in the tree are wrong ones:
>> Thomas
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