Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Sun Nov 4 05:02:58 EST 2012

Wow, what an elegant solution! :-)

I was afraid, it would look like the "broken monitor" again ... lol.
But this looks really appealing! I like it very much!

And I was doubting it's usefullness at this stage too (besides staging 
the homepage), but it indeed does make navigation quite abit more 
convinientand animates me (the user) to play around and look around.

Well, it seems graphically and functionally more is possible, than I 
thought it was.

One possible bug: once on a position page, if I scroll down, the 
vote-track stays on the screen. I believe, before it's background did 
also stay, now it's moving up, making the track harder to read. Do I 
remember right?

And another thing: if I go to my position pageand it does not exist yet, 
the vote-track disappears. E.g. 


On Sun, 04 Nov 2012 10:16, Michael Allan wrote:
> A first release of the polltrack is now running.
> http://zelea.com/w/Wiki:Main_page
>    (hit refresh)
> A page with a blacked out stage (like above) is now a little more
> interesting.  You can select a poll and navigate around.
> I tried to minimize the distracting visual details while still giving
> the eye enough info to see navigable patterns in pollspace.  That's
> the idea behind the dots and dashes (normative vs. electoral issues),
> and the "magnifying" cursor to reveal the suppressed details (what
> kind of norm?  what kind of election?).
> It's still unfinished.  There's no filtering for instance, so you'll
> always see the same polls regardless of what page you're looking at.
> (I'll probably be adding more pages and tracks before finishing it.)
> Please report any bugs or other problems you see.

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