Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sun Nov 4 04:16:55 EST 2012

A first release of the polltrack is now running.

  (hit refresh)

A page with a blacked out stage (like above) is now a little more
interesting.  You can select a poll and navigate around.

I tried to minimize the distracting visual details while still giving
the eye enough info to see navigable patterns in pollspace.  That's
the idea behind the dots and dashes (normative vs. electoral issues),
and the "magnifying" cursor to reveal the suppressed details (what
kind of norm?  what kind of election?).

It's still unfinished.  There's no filtering for instance, so you'll
always see the same polls regardless of what page you're looking at.
(I'll probably be adding more pages and tracks before finishing it.)

Please report any bugs or other problems you see.


PS - Conseo, a reminder to unmount before building my changeset. ;^)

  vocount ureport; vocount umount --verbose
  votrace ureport; votrace umount --verbose

Also, poll.js is now poll-service.js, and has new content.

Michael Allan said:
> While Conseo is coding the talk track, I thought I might start on the
> polltrack.  I picture something very simple: a thin row of poll views
> just high enough to be tracked horizontally by the mouse:
>   --------------------------------------------------------  polltrack
> Here are the main design points:
>   * Poll views ordered alphabetically based on the last component of
>     the poll name.  So "G/p/sandbox" begins with "s", for example.
>   * Overflow on the right is hidden.  Later a pager will be coded,
>     and indeces for quick traversal, but these aren't needed yet.
>   * Each little poll view is rectangular with rounded edges, like a
>     mosaic tile.
>   * Each is filled with colour according to issue type (plan, law,
>     executive office, etc).  http://zelea.com/w/Category:Issue
>   * The view for the currently staged (selected) poll is enlarged.  So
>     is the poll under the mouse:
>             staged poll
>                /
>       --------=----------------=--------------------
>                               /
>                       poll under mouse
>   * Polls are filtered by the geotrack (when coded).  So if the
>     geotrack is anchored in Italy, then you see only polls with
>     divisions in Italy.  http://zelea.com/w/Property:Division
>     That is deep scoping, which is the default.  There is also shallow
>     scoping where only the polls for Italy *as a whole* are shown.
>     (The scoping control will be on the geotrack, not the polltrack.)
>   * The staged poll is sticky and cannot be filtered away, regardless
>     of scope.  So if a Venetian poll is staged and the geotrack is
>     re-anchored on Tuscany, then the Venetian poll will remain in the
>     polltrack (suitably decorated as an outlier) surrounded by Tuscan
>     polls.  Further, unstaging the Venetian poll (de-selecting it), it
>     will remain visible, allowing it to easily be restaged.
> Once we have a polltrack, we can stage the home page, and maybe the
> mailing list.  Please let me know if you foresee any problems.
> -- 
> Michael Allan
> Toronto, +1 416-699-9528
> http://zelea.com/

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