Release of first TalkTrack version and harvesting framework

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Sat Nov 10 10:24:59 EST 2012


puuh it took me so long to post an update, this has been almost ready for more 
than a month. I have hit some localisation bugs (and some more) in 
PipermailHarvester and had to fix them first. Now we support German, French, 
Spanish and English public pipermail archives. The API is multi-VM and 
multithreading ready (complete rewrite to my first attempt).

With it I have finally finished a first version of the talk track as well and 
deployed it on my vote-server covering the area "Mann" (Mannheim). (1) This is 
effectively a stage 2 setup now. (2) Will probably post about it separately 
soon, once it is settled a bit more.
The little rounded squares with the question mark is the talk track. There are 
few messages, since my area and the corresponding German list were only setup 
recently and Mike is waiting for my announcement before deploying it on 
Click one square to pin a post and adjust the stage, click again to deselect. 
The newest post is the one on the right side (for more details see JavaDocs 

To cover your own discussions:

1) make sure the forum (mailing list archive) is defined in the wiki and 
publicly reachable. (4)
2) make sure the forum is set on your candidates page (5) or if you have none 
(you are endcandidate), yours.
3) once you send a message with a difference between you, your candidate or 
your covoters on the forum, just hit the "?" button on your position page to 
trigger an update and wait for 10s. It should show up then.

If you don't have a poll-name selected, like on many wiki-pages, then you see 
messages for all polls on the voteserver (depending on which area(s) and 
forums it covers, mine only covers "Mann", Mike's the rest). On users' pages 
you see all messages of the user (currently none, because user pages are 
offered by which doesn't have the TalkTrack yet). The selection and 
highlighting will be the real deal in visualising the discourse... ideas are 
very welcome!

Btw. can we do something to clarify that this track contains discussion 
without cluttering the layout? What about the update button? I thought about 
triggering an update once you look at the newest post (select or even hover 
it), but this might be confusing.


New German homepage is here:

(4) like
(5) insert e.g. "{{forum|Votorola/mailing list de}}", like in

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