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Fri Jun 1 06:20:49 EDT 2012

On Tue, 29 May 2012 22:49, Michael Allan wrote:
> But what I like about this votespace design (mainly your design) is 
> its naturalism. It isn't ruled by administrative forms. It forces us 
> to add those as decorations. I think that's good. 

Since our discussion about the nodes in the tree, which are sole 
positions and no candidates (I think you called them pipe-positions), 
around/behind which the voters gather ... since then I like the circular 
layout again too.
And yes, I also see the use in not sorting by voter-count. And also the 
use of placeholders.

Two things: in my firefox the vote track disappears partly behind the 
page when scrolling down. And I must say, for me the size of the 
vote-arrow is a bit confusing, since the candidates are shown with 
different zoom, then their voters. I understand, that this is because of 
the limited space, but maybe we could make this graphically visible with 
some sort of "breaking line" in the middle of the candidates arrows. So 
it looks like, as if they are not shown in its full size.

I mean this only for the one candidate furthest right. His small arrow 
gets expanded drastically, and because of this I oftentimes loose it 
with my eyes. BTW, it would be great, if the browsing through this 
votespace would be animated, slow motion, but I guess, that not possible 

What do you think?


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