(proposal) Position space as faciliator and funnel to discussion

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Sat Dec 29 04:31:38 EST 2012


yes, this feature is good!

And yes, I think you are right, since we have the abbreviations for the 
names, we can drop the long names.

I think the colour is not the problem. Imo it is just, that the grey 
names form a column and thus somehow disturb the line, they belong to. 
It looks as though they belong together instead of to their line. I 
think this would change, if there was one line of pixels (background) 
between each line.

Maybe we should also replace end-candidate and voter with tree-trunk and 
branches or basic/root positions and branches?

Why is my new title not showing up? Is it because it waits for the new 
vote-count? But this couldn't be, right? 


On Sat, 29 Dec 2012 0:53, Michael Allan wrote:
> I spruced up Wicket votespace and added position titles.
> http://zelea.com:8080/v/w/Votespace?p=G!p!sandbox&u=Test-bb-ZeleaCom
> It isn't beautiful.  I think the colour wrecks it, but I wan't sure
> how else to distinguish titles from usernames.  Now I'm thinking we
> should drop the usernames and leave a blank space when there's no
> title.  What do you guys think?
> Instructions for adding a title to a position are here:
> http://zelea.com/w/Property:Display_title
> This work is part of item 5: http://zelea.com/w/G/p/c
> I'll carry on with 4, 5 and 6 till I think we have enough to write up
> item 3.  I have an idea that 3 can be generalized to all issues (not
> just world peace) and used as the content of the home page.  But not
> if it's just abstract diagrams.  It won't be convincing.  It has to
> point to running code.

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