Interactions of talk track

conseo 4consensus at
Mon Dec 24 19:40:03 EST 2012

Am Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012, 07:32:53 schrieb Michael Allan:
> Here's a mockup of the look and feel:
Awesome. Thanks for putting the work in the design! I propose to do it roughly 
in order 1) (fixing the layout + history markers) 3) (making the kick button 
more useful) 4) (expose messages in inline view) 2) (do the modes + 

I questioned whether we can skip modes, but I guess a long delay for the 
bubble in 3) would make searching too difficult, so I approve, but it will 
take me probably a bit together with the afterglow effect (as you already 
suggested). I might be able to do that not until March.
Will other tracks also highlight related information also in search mode for 
the hovered item?


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