Cluttered position pages and other wiki problems

Michael Allan mike at
Fri Dec 21 03:07:41 EST 2012

Alexander Praetorius said:
> what's a policy??? is it something like an aspect of a "vision
> statement" or "idea" ???  I've read some specific examples but could
> not infere what kind of general category in a holistic scheme a
> policy should represent...

Here it is, Alex.

The "namespaces" link at left provides a handy index of categories,
concepts, properties and other pages.

> btw, there is plenty of space in the upper most line, where the description
> for all those little funny items in a row is given.
> little funny items in a row can at least contain: dots, circles, stars,
> lines
> onmouseover they can change to other little funny icons, which can at least
> contain: red x's, triangles pointing up and down in various colors,
> cross-stars, plus-signs and rhombus (hashes) in various colors.
> onmouseover, there is a hint that translates the cryptic symbol into a
> crypting string, like Top/p/grfin whatever...
> I think:
> - There is no shortage in space in the onmouseover-hint-field that
> describes the "little funny onmouseover-changing icon"

I tried to add the display title to that just now, but it looks bad.
Too big.  I had to revert the code.

All I managed to do is improve the titling on the count pages a

> - There is no shortage in space in the upper most line, where the cryptic
> string for the currently activated "funny icon" is given.

That's the link track.  It's harder to add there, maybe a day's work.
But I suspect it'll look more cluttered and distracting.

   (1)  G/p/mho
   (2)  G/p/mho: Metagov home page

At this juncture, I always ask what's the problem we're trying to
solve.  Does the newcomer really need to know what 'G/p/mho' stands
for?  If so then (2) is better, otherwise it's probably worse.

> So for the sake of "intuitive user interface" or "self explaining
> interface" :-) ... "short real english sentences" might help

There's too much to explain if we explain it all at once.  We need to
decide what we're asking the newcomer to do and give him/her just
what's needed for that.  Suppose this is the answer:

So we want the newcomer to discover she's in a "forest", climb a tree
and fall into the discussion.  We focus on making just that intuitive.
Our rough plan for that is here:
> Hopefully you dont mind, i still follow votorola from a little distance,
> because i still think its the most promising effort i came across yet,
> although the "AG Meinungsfindungstool" is making progress too - but they
> are far behind afaik.
> Maybe i can drop some hopefully useful "insights" ...or should i say
> "outsights" ;-)
> That maybe might be helpful to overcome "tunnel vision" or "organizational
> blindness"

Would you like to attend our next skype meeting?  There's no fixed
schedule, but usually there's a day or two notice.


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