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btw, there is plenty of space in the upper most line, where the description
for all those little funny items in a row is given.

little funny items in a row can at least contain: dots, circles, stars,

onmouseover they can change to other little funny icons, which can at least
contain: red x's, triangles pointing up and down in various colors,
cross-stars, plus-signs and rhombus (hashes) in various colors.

onmouseover, there is a hint that translates the cryptic symbol into a
crypting string, like Top/p/grfin whatever...

I think:
- There is no shortage in space in the onmouseover-hint-field that
describes the "little funny onmouseover-changing icon"
- There is no shortage in space in the upper most line, where the cryptic
string for the currently activated "funny icon" is given.

So for the sake of "intuitive user interface" or "self explaining
interface" :-)
... "short real english sentences" might help

Hopefully you dont mind, i still follow votorola from a little distance,
because i still think its the most promising effort i came across yet,
although the "AG Meinungsfindungstool" is making progress too - but they
are far behind afaik.

Maybe i can drop some hopefully useful "insights" ...or should i say
"outsights" ;-)
That maybe might be helpful to overcome "tunnel vision" or "organizational

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 10:52 AM, Alexander Praetorius
<citizen at>wrote:

> I also saw there is at least 3 categories of... i dont know :-)
> Think i saw a scheme of those in the past.
> It's
> law, policy, plan
> a plan is something that should be executed.
> a law is a rule that governs what kind of actions can be executed legally
> and which cannot.
> what's a policy??? is it something like an aspect of a "vision statement"
> or "idea" ???
> I've read some specific examples but could not infere what kind of general
> category in a holistic scheme a policy should represent...
> On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 10:42 AM, Michael Allan <mike at> wrote:
>> Hi Alex,
>> G/p/c = (G)lobal (p)ea(c)e.  I thought it was obvious!  ;^)
>> Seriously, the poll name used in many URLs, so the shorter the better.
>> Also it's not supposed to be meaningful because the meaning of a poll
>> can change over time.  This is explained here:
>> But I think you're right, wherever possible the UI should expand it
>> with the display title.  So maybe like this:
>>   G/p/c - World peace
>> Mike
>> Alexander Praetorius said:
>> > Just a short question....
>> > (I know, or at least i think i remember: G stands for global)
>> >
>> > Why the heck w/G/p/c ???
>> > Do you fear you might run out of characters?
>> > Really, this is extremly disturbing and i cannot read it and i regularly
>> > forget whats what.
>> > I know there is not much space on the screen, but seriously, some things
>> > should not be abbreviated, or at least use useful "icons" where people
>> > probably get it
>> > (for example: a small letter symbol stands for email - a small telephone
>> > symbol for telephone numbers... )
>> >
>> > Really, then - if you onMouseOver - a more lengthy description could be
>> > given, but these abbreviations is what seriously hinders people to
>> > undestand what all this cryptic stuff is all about :-)
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