Cluttered position pages and other wiki problems

Michael Allan mike at
Wed Dec 19 04:42:13 EST 2012

Hi Alex,

G/p/c = (G)lobal (p)ea(c)e.  I thought it was obvious!  ;^)

Seriously, the poll name used in many URLs, so the shorter the better.
Also it's not supposed to be meaningful because the meaning of a poll
can change over time.  This is explained here:

But I think you're right, wherever possible the UI should expand it
with the display title.  So maybe like this:

  G/p/c - World peace


Alexander Praetorius said:
> Just a short question....
> (I know, or at least i think i remember: G stands for global)
> Why the heck w/G/p/c ???
> Do you fear you might run out of characters?
> Really, this is extremly disturbing and i cannot read it and i regularly
> forget whats what.
> I know there is not much space on the screen, but seriously, some things
> should not be abbreviated, or at least use useful "icons" where people
> probably get it
> (for example: a small letter symbol stands for email - a small telephone
> symbol for telephone numbers... )
> Really, then - if you onMouseOver - a more lengthy description could be
> given, but these abbreviations is what seriously hinders people to
> undestand what all this cryptic stuff is all about :-)

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