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Thu Dec 6 05:45:42 EST 2012

On Fri, 30 Nov 2012 11:07, Michael Allan wrote:

> So I had this tasked for my next job.  But lately I've been thinking
> the Metagov intro banner is a higer priority.  We have an opportunity
> there and should probably move on it ASAP.  Right?


  (I wanted to talk
> about this, but I need to find a new headset first.  My old one died.)

Yes, lets talk!


>>> (2) Another problem is to reveal the talk track's internal
>>> information in useful ways.  Maybe the acid test for this is to
>>> quickly find a given message in the track, like we can find a poll
>>> in the poll track.  Then we'd know the information is shining
>>> through.
>> Can you anchor a certain voter and let all messages related to him
>> light up? That would make searching for messages quite easy.
> I think it already does that for actor, poll and combinations of the
> two (position).
> I hit a bug when testing the actor filtering.  Crossing user pages,
> the first user is carried over to the second user's page.  (That's my
> own bug, so I'll fix that.)
>>> (3) We're poorly connected to discussion media, the best of which
>>> aren't web based.  Our diff URLs are good rope bridges for some
>>> media, but they only work at the exit.  We put a welcome mat at
>>> the entrance, but it's actually hard to get in. ...
>> Well, private mails and voice are somehow not in the interest of
>> your voters and their voters etc., because of their
>> intransparency. So there is a draw to public lists and forums, isn't
>> it?
> Yes, but even public lists are mail based.  Most have web archives,
> but that's not where subscribers read the messages.  They read them in
> mail readers (like Thunderbird).  But mail readers don't normally run
> live software (e.g. JavaScript) like web browsers do, so we can't push
> a Votorola UI into a mail message as easily as into a web page.  All
> we can push is a diff URL.  (Thankfully we can do at least that much!)
> Doing more would require coding an extension for each brand of mail
> reader (Thunderbird, Eudora, Mutt, G-mail, etc) to run our UI.  We can
> eventually do that (also for phones, desktops, and such), but it's too
> expensive for starters.  So we have:
>     * Voice and mail networks (good for discussion)
>     * Web networks (good for drafting and starter UI)
> Our aim is to support discussion but our support UI runs on the web.
> But that's good enough for starters.
> Mike
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